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    >> Micrometer       >> Micrometer head  
  Outside Micrometer
Inside Micrometer and Bore Gage
    Micrometer head
   >> Caliper, Height Gage and Depth Gage      >>Various Gages,Gage Block,Precision Square  
  and Protractor
  Vernier Caliper
Digimatic Caliper
Height Gage
Depth Gage
    Thread Gage
Plug Plain Gage and Setting Ring Gage
Pin Gage
Gage Block
Precision Square
Protractor, Combination Square, Precision Lever
Reference Gage
  >> Indicator and Stand       >> Digimatic Scale Unit and Liner Scale  
  Dial Indicator
Digimatic Indicator
Dial Test Indicator
Thickness/Caliper/Dial Bench/Verticality Gage
    Digimatic Scale Unit
Liner Scale
    >>Magnifier, Microscope, Profiles projector      >> Force Gage  
and Video Measuring System  
Profiles Projector
Video Measuring System
    Dial Tension Gage
Mechanical Force Gage
Digimatic Force Gage
   >> Instrument     Others  
  Surface Roughness Tester
Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
Coating Thickness Gage
Belt Tension Tester
    Magnetic/Chuck/V Block, Magnetic Square Block
Magnetic Lamp Stand
Magnetic Coolant Hose System Stand
Magnetic Safety Shield Stand
Center Square and Marking Gage
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