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  Measuring range:8-150mm(5/16"-6")



3-Locking screw

1. The measuring range of each piece is:
    A: 8 - 12.7mm (5/16"—1/2")
    B. 12.7 — 19mm (1/2"— 3/4")
    C. 19 — 32mm (3/4"—1 1/4")
    D. 32— 54mm (1 1/4"—2 1/8")
    E. 54 — 90mm (2 1/8"—3 1/2")
    F. 90 — 150mm (3 1/2" —6")

2. This gage measure diameter of a hole or other inside dimensions. Choose a suitable piece of gage according to the size of dimension to be measured. Loosen locking screw and let the two plungers expand inside the dimension. Lock the plungers by tightening the locking screw and then remove the plungers. Measure the distance between two contacts with micrometers or calipers to obtain the size of the dimension.

3. Clean contact tips before use. Remove cutting chips, burrs and other foreign substances from the piece to be measured.

4. Measurement:

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