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  1-Main Pole

2-Fine Adjustment

3-Branch Pole

4-Magnetic Base

5-Magnetic Power ON/OFF
6-Vertical Contact Surfaces

7-Horizontal Contact Surfaces

8-Cylindrical Contact Surface 

1. Fix all dial indicators with various diameter shank (please refer to S.TOOLS catalogue) and plug back with 6.3mm or 1/4" diameter mounting hole.

2. Attach on flat surface horizontally or vertically, as well as on cylindrical surface.

3.Permanent pulling magnet is 60 KGS(or 80kgs). Switch is used to turn on or off magnet. Turn off magnet when magnetic bases are not in use.

4.Use fine adjustment to adjust the position of dial indicator slightly.

5.Keep all setups as short as possible. Unnecessary length from dial indicator to the base increase the undesirable possibility of dial indicator movement.
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