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1-Anvil with carbide measuring face
2-Spindle with carbide measuring face
3-Locking level
4-Ratch friction stop thimble (different as constant force type)
5-Ratchet stop driving knob
6-Heat isolation plate
7-LCD display
8-RS232 output

"SET": Set origin starting zero for absolute measurement.
"ABS/INC": Absolute mode and incremental mode conversion
"/ ":
              For data output on measurement, output is one display data by holding  the key less than two seconds 
                 or output is uninterrupted display date by  holding the key more than two seconds.
             For clock time display, it is available not on measurement.
"ON/OFF": To turn power on or off
"mm/in": mm/inch conversion at any spindle position

2. Specification
- Resolution: 0.001mm / 0.00005"
- Accuracy: detail as S.TOOLS catalogue
- Repeatability: 0.001mm / 0.00005"
- Measuring force: 5 - 10n
- Power consumption: ≤10μA
- Max. measuring speed: Unlimited
- Operation temperature: 0- 40ºC
- Date Output: RS232

3. Power
- One silver oxide cell SR44 for continuous use of one year.
- Display flashes when battery voltage is lower than 1.4V. Please replace battery.
- Power will be automatically turn off in five minutes later if micrometer is not used.

4. For other instruction, please refer the details about mechanical type.

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