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1. Step measuring faces
2. Internal measuring faces
3. (Vernier)Slider
4. Clamp screw
5. Upper Vernier scale
6. Clamp screw for fine adjustment
7. External measuring faces
8. Lower Vernier scale
9.  Adjusting screw of fine adjustment
10. Lower main scale
11. Depth measuring bar
12. Upper main scale

1. Clean the caliper before use. Make sure the measuring faces are clean.
2. Remove cutting chips, dust, burrs and other foreign substances from the piece to be measured.
3. Make sure that the zero lines of the vernier scale coincide with the zero lines of the main scale when the external
    jaws are closed.
4. Make sure that no slit is observed between two external jaws when they are closed.
5. Vernier caliper body should be lubricated with a small amount of clock oil.
6. Measuring faces should be carefully protected from being scratched, hit or rusty. Do not operate abruptly, drop
   or shake caliper.

1. How to read
Example 1
                  A: 32
                  B: 0.54
                  C: 32.54mm
Example 2
                  A: 2.05 (2" + 2 X 1/40")
                  B: 0.012
                  C: 2.062<0094>
A is the line of the main scale which is on the left of the zero line of the Vernier scale.
B is the line of the Vernier scale which coincides with a line of the main scale.
C is the reading

7. Measurement:

3. Clamping Screw:
   Tighten the screw to lock the reading when you have to remove the caliper before reading.

4. Fine Adjustment:
    This is used to control the measuring force. Tighten the clamping screw of the fine adjustment, rotate 
    the adjusting  screw to let Vernier slider to slide finely.

5. Precaution for measurement:
    It is important to apply suitable measuring force on the caliper to get accurate reading. Always use knob of or 
    the fine adjustment .

    Take care to avoid parallax error when reading the vernier scale. Parallax error is caused when viewing from 
    A direction. Please view from B direction.

    In order to get smooth sliding, rotate the adjusting screw of the fine adjustment to make the fine adjustment close 
to the Vernier slider before sliding.

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